Inspection Tools: What Your Inspector Carries With Them Part 1

Tools are the most important things that your home inspector will bring with them to your home inspection to assess the condition of your home, along with expertise. Did you know that the home inspection is non-invasive, meaning it does not take apart or move anything within the home either?

The home inspection is a purely visual evolution of what the inspector can see and assess. To help with the enormous amount of information they can gather, home inspectors will utilize numerous tools, some simple, others more specialized, that give them and their clients a better understanding of the home. 

Here are some of the tools your inspector may use during your home inspection and what they do.

The Basics

Nearly every home inspector will arrive with the basics of a flashlight, a camera, and ladder to effectively conduct their home inspection.

A camera might be the most important and most used tool your inspector uses. Throughout the inspection, your inspector will be taking pictures along the way so that everything is well documented.

Seeing everything is paramount for your home inspector, so having a robust and reliable flashlight is essential for viewing darker areas like the crawlspace and attic effectively.

Ladders are used to provide proper access to the roof and areas indoors like attic entries and high ceilings.

The rest of the inspector’s basic equipment is rounded out with conventional tools you will find in any tool bag. Tools like tape measures, screwdrivers, and levels, come in handy throughout the home inspection and report writing process.

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