• What Your Home Inspector Wishes You Knew

    Whether you are selling or buying a home, the home inspection process can be daunting for sure. However, don’t let it stress you out, and remember, it’s not what the inspector wants either, all he/she want to do is a complete and thorough inspection of the home and a satisfied customer. So you can make this process easier and more effective by working with your home inspector. Here are some things to keep in mind.

    For buyers:
    1. First, realize that your potential home you are thinking about purchasing will have problems. Your home inspector will likely come up with a list of problems after the walk-through. But please don’t panic! Know that not every issue is critical, and your inspector will know the order of which problems you should tackle.

    2. One thing you should worry about is water. Even though water is not a deal breaker, it’s important to address any water related issues and concerns before any house deal closes or immediately afterwards. Make sure to note issues like leaky ceilings and walls and puddles found in the home, and be sure to closely inspect the basement, as that alone can be a difficult and expensive project repair to fix.

    3. Know that almost anything can be fixed. With the exception of major home issues like asbestos, radon, mold and pest infection, most everything else is repairable.

    4. Realize that home inspectors cannot predict the future. You may want to know exactly how many more years the roof will hold up, and while your inspector might be able to give you a rough estimate, he can’t give you a precise timeline for example.

    5. Find the balance. It’s easy to forget your love for the home when you are counting the dollar signs and hours you might have to spend on repairs. Remember to take a deep breath, think rationally, and consider whether it’s a smart investment in your future.

    For sellers:
    1. Move your pets. We know your dog or cat are adorable, but even if your home inspector loves dogs or cats, pets running underfoot makes the job much more difficult. And some home inspectors may be allergic to animals or just are not pet kind of people, so keep that in mind. In addition, inspections often require opening exterior doors over and over again, offering pets far too many opportunities to accidentally escape to freedom. When you leave the premises for the inspection, and some home inspectors ask sellers to do so, please take your pets with you or arrange a pet sitter or kennel them somewhere else for the day for their safety too.

    2. Just a reminder, don’t forget to clean and then clean some more. Whether or not you intend to be there for the home inspection or not, make sure to clean up beforehand. You don’t need to do a thorough scrubbing, but remove any and all clutter, to make things easier for the inspector.

    So whether you are selling or buying a home, be sure to help the home inspector out with these simple pieces of advice, thank you!

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