• Who Should You Tip When Buying Your First (or Next) Home?

    When you are buying your first or next home, there are alot of different companies and people heavily involved, besides yourself. So when you are dealing with folks like the movers, or real estate agent, or your home inspector, do you tip? If so, how much? Here is the typical standard when it comes to tipping these companies affiliated with helping you get moved into your home.

    Should you tip them? Typically the answer is yes, and you should tip approximately 10% or above. They will be doing a lot of work and heavy lifting and carrying, they definitely deserve an extra tip on your end, it is grueling and difficult and tedious work, that involves a lot of sweating. Make sure for long distance movers that you tip both those who pack up your belongings AND those who unpack and move it, as there are likely different crews working in each location. Make sure you also give the tip to the workers directly, so you know for sure that it went to them directly. Lastly, offer those guys some free pop or water, or even a pizza, it will go a long way and be very appreciated, trust me.

    Real Estate Agent:
    Should you tip him or her? The common idea is no; they get a good commission for their services, so no tip is generally expected with them. However, If you want to show your appreciation for their hard work for you, the best way is to give them referrals!

    Appliance Delivery People:
    Is it customary to tip your appliance delivery folks? Yes, about $10-20 per person. Frequently when you move, it requires buying new appliances. The people who deliver that heavy refrigerator or washer and dryer do a lot of work to move those items into your home, especially when steps are involved. While a tip isn’t expected for the amount of work they have to do, it’s definitely a generous thing to do. $10 to $20 is customary per person, and we’d recommend the higher end of that range if the delivery folks carry your appliance up stairs or have to do anything else that makes the work harder.

    Home Inspector:
    Tips? No, not for home inspectors. They perform a vital role for new homebuyers, but they are already compensated well for their services.

    Title Agency:
    Should you tip your title agency? Nope…..unless you live in New York. In New York, it has become normal to provide a $100 tip or more to the agency following closing. It is still not required to tip even in NY, but it’s the only state where you may experience the expectation.

    General Contractors:
    Generally, you are not expected to tip general contractors, but if they go above and beyond for you, we are sure they would appreciate a good homemade cooked meal, or some pop, or a few additional dollars as well. This gesture will go a long way with them.

    Cable or Internet Installation Representative:
    No, you don’t need to tip this installer, normally, but if they do something to really stand out, offer them a drink or a free lunch on the go, or give them a few extra bucks, it will surely be appreciated.

    Tipping these various people is entirely up to you, but at least you now know the general rule when it comes to tipping your movers and others who help you move into your new home.

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