Do Condos Need Home Inspections?

Thinking About Skipping a Home Inspection for a Condo? Think Again. Even though a condominium typically has less responsibility and maintenance than a single family home, a trusted home inspection should not be ignored. Condos often have many of the same issues that other homes may experience too. We recommend condo inspections no matter how new or old it is, but in the case of a condo that is more than 5 years old, it is very important to do. With a condominium, most of the building systems (electrical, plumbing, stairwells, hallways, lobby, roofing, etc.) are common aspects, which means they are jointly owned with the other condominium owners and are joint expenses. These are usually covered by the condo corporation and are NOT inspected during a condominium inspection. In the end, it depends on how old the condo is, whether or not you may wish to do a condo inspection, before committing to purchasing it but it is definitely highly recommended.

Here are some areas most home inspectors will check inside condos:

Attics: If a condo has an attic, an inspector may check for proper insulation, or for pests, or holes to the outside created by other animals or rodents.

Smoke Alarms: How many are there? Are there not enough installed? Do the batteries work?
Electrical and Wiring Issues: How many plug outlets are there? Are they 2 or 3 prong? Are all of them grounded? What does the inside electrical and wiring look like inside the condo you are considering buying? Are there alot of extension cords around the condo, and if so, why?

General Plumbing Issues: Home inspectors may also check all the sinks and bathtubs and toilets for leaks, and make sure they operate well. They may check the areas inside and around for possible flooding problems or evidence of previous flooding.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Units: How old are they? Do they function and how well? Home inspectors will test them, turning them on and off and checking inside the units for any possible defects or issues too.

Appliance Checks: Some inspectors may check the appliances to see if they are operating well and efficiently. They may also check to see if there are any recalls too. Keep in mind that checking appliances is just an optional service and not all home inspectors will check them.

Aluminum Wiring: While it is not a common issue, it is a major deal when it happens. Condos built when aluminum wiring was used, often 1965 – 1972, may have aluminum wiring in place.

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