Have You Received a Home Inspection Letter? Warning: It Is Likely a Scam

If you ever receive a letter claiming that your home is slated for inspection by the city or fire dept or other business entity, feel free to shred, recycle or save it to show to the local authorities. The letter is part of a scam that is widespread across the USA.

Letters often state that your home is scheduled to be inspected for hazardous materials, mold, exit ways and fire alarm systems, etc. The scam artists often print the bogus letter on that appears to resemble your local city or town official city letterhead and stationary, often signed by the mayor or other city official (which is also a fake signature).

Homeowners should call 911 if they received a call or been visited by persons claiming to be city or fire personnel and seeking to perform inspection. Per reports, often the elderly and vulnerable citizens are typically the targets of this type of scam, which usually results in burglary and other crimes.

Anyone with information regarding the scam have many options. You can call the local police and report it. Anonymous tipsters can also call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (1-800-222-8477). And if you are not quite sure whether it is factual or not, you can also just call your local City Hall and inquire about it as well before taking any actions (like shredding it).

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