The 10 Most Common Home Inspection Problems

When your home inspector inspects any potential home or condo you are considering purchasing, learn to recognize some of these more common home inspection problems. Then you can decide whether or not to purchase the home, based upon these and other findings.

  1. Roof problems: Are there brittle or curled shingles? How about broken or missing flashings?
    The solution: Apply new shingles or tear off if needed, replace flashings, especially around chimneys and other protrusions.
  1. Faulty plumbing: Is the water pressure inadequate? What about slow drains or signs of leaks on ceilings?
    The solution: Clean and rout drains, you can reseat toilet with new wax ring, and repair any leaks.
  1. Poor ventilation: Is there extreme heat in the attic? Or vapor condensation?
    The solution: Ensure that roof soffits are not blocked and install additional roof vents. You can also vent bathroom and kitchen fans outside.
  1. Faulty wiring: Are there open junction boxes? Are there amperage mismatches or no wire nuts on wires?
    The solution: Fix junction boxes and upgrade to at least 100 amps.
  1. Faulty gutters: Are the gutters bent or clogged? Is there water not channeled away from house?
    The solution: Perform preventive maintenance. Install gutters of adequate size, and get splash pans to divert run-off.
  1. Basement dampness: Do water stains or powdery residue on walls exist?
    The solution: Repair gutters to channel water away from house. Apply waterproof coatings to the basement.
  1. Poor upkeep: Does the house need repainting inside or outside? Is the siding in poor condition and old? Is the carpeting worn? Is the driveway all cracked up?
    The solution: Give the house a minor facelift.
  1. Defective heating: Are there cracks in the heat exchanger or water tank? What about carbon monoxide leaks?The solution: Reseal chimney flues and replace sacrificial anode in water heater.
  1. Foundation flaws: Did you find cracks in the foundation? Are there sloping floors and sticking doors or windows?
    The solution: Fill cracks with silicon caulking or epoxy, and apply waterproof coating to the exterior.
  1. Poor grading and drainage: Is there spongy soil around the foundation or signs of leaking in the basement?
    The solution: Regrade so that the grounds slope away from the house for 10 feet. Remove porous material around foundation.
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